Monday, June 16, 2014

Goa Kayaking in the Monsoons!

Goa Kayaking offers daily kayaking trips in Goa’s most scenic rivers throughout the year, EVEN in the MONSOONS!

In fact the Nerul River Kayaking trip is available almost every day either in the morning or evening, provided we have a good tide and fair weather!

Kayaking trips are also run in

1) The Mandovi  river(Old Goa Ferry Jetty to Ribander Ferry Jetty – 6 km. 2-2.2 hrs. beginners to advanced, min. age 12 years)

2)  Zuari river (Cortalim Ferry Jetty to the San Jacinto Island , Sancoale – 5.76 km., 2 hrs., beginners to advanced, min. age 12 years)

3) Verna Lake (3 km. round trip, beginners to advanced, min. age 12 years)

All tours are guided trips and take you through the lush, green, mangroves allowing you to appreciate and marvel at the bird and marine life around you.

Expect to see some unbelievable sights from the water as you wind your way along the twisting waterways, with churches, temples, old ruins, some weird manmade structures, all of which make for a wonderful time, well spent, and memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Every trip is accompanied by an experienced trip leader/tailing assistant who are also  trained lifeguards/water sports professionals

 Experience an unmatched and thrilling eco nirvana on the rivers of Goa in complete safety at a time when all other water based activities are at a standstill due to the monsoons.

For more details/prices/bookings, contact Goa Kayaking's Prakash Alfonso on +91 9422056037 or mail

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Goa Kayaking Introduction to Kayaking and Training Program 2014

FAQs’ about Goa Kayaking’s Introduction to Kayaking and Training Program

What is a Kayak?

A kayak is a small boat (generally single or dual seater) derived from the traditional hunting and fishing boats of the Eskimos.

It is maneuvered with a double bladed paddle consisting of a streamlined blade on either side.

Sit on top (the ones which are the most popular in Goa and used for the training) kayaks are best suited for Goa’s warm tropical climes’ and these recreational /touring kayaks, have exceptional stability.

The single seater sit-on top is perfect for surfing and also for visiting those difficult to go places in the shallows and mudflats in the teeming mangroves.

What are kayaks made of?

Kayaks are generally made of Roto-moulded/ thermoformed Polyethylene (plastic), composites(FRP/fibreglass), wood or many new age materials like Kevlar or polycarbonate. They are light weight, extremely durable and virtually unsinkable.

The paddles have alloy/carbon composite shafts with either polycarbonate or polypropylene blades.

All kayaks used by Goa Kayaking have a very high buoyancy of 110 kg. to 125 kg.

This means that it can take any weight rating in the range with very high secondary stability.

Where can you paddle a kayak?

You can paddle your kayak in the sea, lake, rivers, backwaters or a bunded fishing/irrigation pond. A Kayak does not need a license, is not dependent on the breeze, waves or currents. It is a sport which only requires simple access to the water and can be enjoyed like a pleasant bicycle ride in the evening.

Who can go/learn kayaking?

Kayaking simply put, is bicycling on the waters. In other words, if you are fit to cycle, then you can most certainly go/learn kayaking. Goa Kayaking has trained kayakers right from 8 years till 63 years old!

Do I need to know how to swim?

Goa Kayaking prefers trainees who know the basics of swimming (though it is not a must) as then they have no fear of the water and the trainers can focus fully on the kayaking.

Do I have to bring anything along?

No you don’t! Goa Kayaking provides all the equipment like kayaks, paddles, lifejackets, safety services, etc.

However we advise all trainees to carry fresh towels, change of clothes, a bottle of water and a small snack/bar of chocolate/banana/apple.

Would I be able to enrol as I have to be at work by 10.0 am?

No fears! Goa Kayaking will ensure that all working/employed trainees are pooled in the first or second batches which start at 7.0/8.0 am. respectively.

As far as possible, children will be given the later batches, especially the last, as it gives them more time to enjoy themselves.

Can I enroll along with my children?

Yes, you can. Many families do just that! In fact it would add to the fun when the whole family goes kayaking/ spends a day on the waters.

What about safety aspects during the training?

Goa Kayaking’s skilled and expert trainers will guide the budding kayakers, both young and old alike, step by step as they learn the different skills in the water.

It is mandatory that all trainees wear a life jacket(PFD) and at all times will be accompanied/escorted by the trainer on the water.

In addition, Goa Kayaking has tied up with Goa Tourism, Drishti and Surf Life Saving Goa for additional safety services and a jetski with 2 lifeguards will be on the water keeping an eagle’s eye on the trainee kayakers.

Could you tell me something about what to wear to the beach for the program?

Ideally wear Board Shorts/Tights and a rash vest or long sleeves’ T shirt (synthetic not cotton) that is quick drying. Alternately, any pair of shorts/t shirt will do.

Apply/carry sun block cream, SPF 35 or higher.

A pair of rubber sole neoprene shoes (preferable) or crocs / rubber shoes/waterproof sandals (with a strap behind) will do.

A cap/floppy hat preferably one that covers the back of the neck and a pair of sun glasses(with a tie) will help to keep you cool on the waters.

I’m convinced! And would like to join/enroll my children. Where should I go?

Rush to/call

Goa Kayaking, Airport Road, Chicalim 403711 (Phone: 9422056037/0832-2541715)

fill in the details and pay your course fees of Rs.4000/- for children below 14 years.
Rs.4500/person for all others.

You can pay your fees by deposit into our bank account as below:

A/c name: Goa Kayaking
Bank: Indian Bank Vasco branch
Account type: current ac
Account no: 829702689
IFS Code:IDIB000V085

Please mail or call us once you have effected the payments and give us your ticket enable us to send you your confirmation.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Goa Kayaking - Silvery Moonlight Kayaking in April 2014 on the Zuari, for the last time this season!

Moonlight Kayaking on the Zuari in April 2014 (for the last time this season!)

 This timeless, silvery, float upriver, on an incoming tide, is best experienced, not described!

Silver trees, silver whorls, silver hair - even the silence, silvered!

All equipment, guides, safety, assistants, experienced trip leaders and night gear provided for all! 
(Includes light snacks and beverages.)

A timeless and treasured experience, brought to you again  by

              Goa Kayaking

               in association with 

        Goa Tourism Development Corporation


       Goa Tourism!

Moon light Kayaking trips daily on April 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17, 2014

Starting at            : The San Jacinto Island in the Zuari Sancoale 8.30 pm.

Finishes at           : The Cortalim Ferry Jetty 11.30 pm.

Reporting time     : 8.0 pm. at the San Jacinto Island

Trip duration is 2-3 hrs. but normally finishes much later.

For whom             : those with a sense of adventure and would like to                                               experience a timeless silver float upriver!

No. of slots/day          :  First 12 get it.

Experience          : If you're fit to cycle, then you certainly are fit to go                                             kayaking!

Price                      : Rs.3000/person; pre booking, a must. 
                                     10% discount for bookings of 4+

For details and group bookings, please call, Goa Kayaking's Prakash Alfonso on +91 9422056037 or mail

All trips start at the San Jacinto Island, Sancoale and end at the Cortalim Ferry Jetty, Cortalim.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Goa Kayaking's Carnival Specials

Goa Kayaking's Carnival Specials

What's special about Carnival? -Nothin special!

Jus' two big trips, each of 20 kayaks, planned every day on February 28, March 01, 02, 03, & 04 2014 in the beautiful Sal backwaters.

Free carnival masks/headgear for all!

First trip 7.30 - 9.45 am.
Second trip 10.0 - 12.15 pm.
Evening Sunset Special on request (customisable)

To be a part of the action, call  Goa Kayaking's Prakash Alfonso on +91 9422056037 or mail

Typical trip details on

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Goa Kayaking's Zuari River Loop this Sunday!

Not for the faint hearted but only for the fittest!

Goa Kayaking's Zuari River Loop (whole day kayaking trip of 24-27 km.) starts at the Agassaim Ferry Jetty at 7 am on Sunday February 23, 2014, meanders along the right bank of the Zuari passing sleepy villages and hamlets - listen to the Sunday mass hymns from the chapels/churches that dot the riverline!

Stop and explore some of these small fishing hamlets!

Or watch the birdlife - terns, sea eagles, ospreys, brahminy kites hunt and prey on marine life on the waterline.

Stop for rest, swimming and sunbathing at the innumerable small beaches, lagoons, inlets at, Siridao, Bambolim, etc.

Reach Bambolim beach at 10.30 am and cool off at the beach shacks with a chilled can of beer!

Explore the beach, enjoy a slow lunch and marvel at the scenic beauty of the place.

Start your return journey with an incoming tide and crossover to the left bank this time.

Lookout for Vasco harbour and fishing jetty, Vasco city from the water line, and stop at small riverine beaches/lagoons for rest and .exploration.

 Visit the island of the Cross with its unique beach formed with yes, seashells!

Paddle on to the beautiful San Jacinto Island and explore a 400 year old church and  unique island culture that does not permit non islanders to become land owners!

Either end your trip here or if you are still game, continue on till you reach Cortalim, a further 
5.75 km.away.

On the way, stop by and see unique sights like these at a small cove with another beach made up entirely of sea shells!

Finish your kayaking trip on a high at 5.30 pm at the Cortalim ferry jetty.

If this thrills you and sets your pulse racing, then get in touch with 
Goa Kayaking's Prakash Alfonso on 9422056037 or mail goakayaking@
for more details.

The Goa Kayaking Zuari River Loop - only for the fittest!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Premium Kayaking Trips in the Nerul River daily from February 16-20, 2014

 Premium kayaking trips in the Nerul river daily from February 16 to 20, 2014

Daily starts from the Sinquerim water Sports jetty, Candolim

Starting time between 8-10.30 am depending on the tide

Trip finishes at the Nerul village 2-2.5 hrs. later

Limited 13 slots per trip per day

Pre booking a must.

Regular daily kayaking trips in the Sal backwaters

Daily starts at 9 am and 4 pm

Each trip of 2-2.5 hrs.

10 slots available per trip

Pre booking a must.

visit  - Daily Kayaking Trips

For more details and bookings, call Goa Kayaking's Prakash Alfonso on 9422056037 or

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Goa Kayaking's Republic Weekend Special Kayaking Trips

The Sal Backwaters - Goa Unseen!

Come kayaking this weekend into the Serene and tranquil Sal Backwaters - Goa Unseen!

Expect to see at least some of the more than 40 different birds and young ones of the river dwellers as you 

silently float thro' the mangroves and into the lotus ponds of our Gods and ancestors!

The silence only broken by the calls of the birds and the ocassional splash of a jumping fish.

Experience nature and feel the silence as it was meant to be!

Trip starts at 9.0 am and finishes 2 hrs. later. Reporting time: 8.30 am. Pre bookings only.

To be on this nature and silent, inner peace experience, on the 25th and 26th January, call Goa Kayaking's 

Prakash Alfonso on +91 9422056037 or mail

Details on

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Goa Kayaking's Moonlight Christmas Cool in the Zuari this December

Lightly paddle as you glide in the silvered darkness of the night!

Goa's Zuari river is one long, broad, silvery road where the moon is your guide and you the driver!

Experience and feel the silvered silence!

A timeless and treasured experience, brought to you again, by Goa Kayaking in the Christmas season!

Dates: Daily starts on December 14, 15, 16, 17 &18, 2013.

Starting at            : The San Jacinto Island in the Zuari Sancoale 8.0 pm.
Finishes at           : The Cortalim Ferry Jetty 10.30 pm.
Reporting time     : 7.15 pm. at the San Jacinto Island

For whom            : those with a sense of adventure and would like to experience a timeless silver                                  float upriver!
No. of slots         :  First 12 get it.
Experience          : If you're fit to cycle, then you certainly are fit to go kayaking!
Price                    : Rs.3000/person; pre booking, a must.

For details and group bookings, please call, Goa Kayaking's Prakash Alfonso on +91 9422056037 or mail

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Goa Kayaking's Ethereal Dream!

Moonlight river.

Down the moonlit river, I glide with my soul alone.

The glimmering water dances across my paddle, it sings to me songs of the unknown

Glistening whorls ripple into place, across my kayak their translucent lines trace.

Forevermore shall I sail this stream, and ever will live, this ethereal dream

For 18 kayakers, both young and old, who set out on this moonlight adventure in the Zuari river - could truly say they have lived this ethereal dream!

Many kayaking for the first time. Others for their first ever trip on the waters on paddle power!

As the paddle safari slowly wound its way past the majestic church of San Jacinto on the isle in the Zuari, the many curious onlookers and the merry makers on the bridge could only watch in awe and wonderment at the spirit of this group from all walks of life who set out to experience the beauty and meditative calm of the river by moonlight!

Our intreprid Kayakers in their night gear, getting ready for their moonlight adventure.

Nishita, Colwin, Victoria, Virashree, Mayur

Chiquita,Utpal, Rukma, Abhijeet, Hritika,Veena

Russell, Veena, Natisha, Ketan, Harish

All set to hit the waters!

Russell, Ketan, Veena, Natisha, Harish

Next full moon kayaking trips coming up in the Zuari on  December 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18, 2013.

Pre booking a must.

Call Goa Kayaking's Prakash Alfonso on 9422056037 or mail

For Goa's cleanest, best uplifting and most fulfilling eco experience with a difference, visit

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Goa Kayaking in the Nerul, Mandovi and Sal Backwaters

In addition to the daily kayaking trips in the Sal Backwaters, the Nerul river is on this weekend from the 18th to the 24th November.

Daily from 8.30-9.30 am onwards. 

each trip 2-2.5 hrs. distance covered is approx.5-7 km. with the incoming/outgoing tide.

Kayak deep into the mangroves, see birds and fauna at handshaking distance in  the Mandovi, Nerul and Sal.

Experience an all new adventure, the likes you have never seen before!

Sit in the latest kayaks, international standard jackets, paddles and other equipment with experienced trip leaders and guides leading you all the way to different scenic spots which you knew existed -  but had never seen!

call Goa Kayaking's Prakash Alfonso 
9422056037 for bookings
 or mail

details on 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Goa Kayaking in the Nerul, Zuari, Sal Backwaters

Goa Kayaking in the Nerul, Zuari, Sal Backwaters

Daily Morning  kayaking trips into the scenic and serene Nerul river from November 03rd onwards till the 11th.
Trips start daily between 8-9.30 am. at the Sinquerim Jetty Candolim and end 2.20 hrs. later in the Nerul village.

Daily Kayaking trips in to the Sal backwaters - 1st trips starts between 7-7.30 am and 2nd trip starts between 9.30-10 am. Every trip lasts 2-2.20 hrs. easy paced and enjoyed by all.

Daily kayaking trips into the Zuari from October 30th to November 06, 2013

Crabbing trips in the Zuari. See birds, catch crabs, stop by the riverbanks for a cup of chai, motor in to the mangroves - riverlife at its best from the waters!

To be a part of any of these trips, call goa Kayaking's Prakash Alfonso on +91 9422056037
or mail
For more details visit

Goa Kayaking Mondschein-Kajak auf dem Fluss Zuari, im November dieses Jahres.

Wednesday, 23. Oktober 2013

Goa Kayaking Mondschein-Kajak auf dem Fluss Zuari, im November dieses Jahres.

Moonlight Fluss.

Moonlight Fluss.

Down the river Mondschein, ich mit meiner Seele allein zu segeln.

Die schimmernden Wasser tanzt über mein Paddel, singt sie mir Lieder vor dem Unbekannten.

Ein hundert schimmernde Fische schwimmen durch, ihre Flossen von Edelsteinen und Juwelen vom nächtlichen Himmel geschmiedet. Silber Bäumen auf beiden Seiten, ihre ätherischen Blätter flüstern und gleiten. Glitzernde whorls Welligkeit einrastet, über meinem Kajak ihre durchscheinenden Linien Spur.Forevermore soll ich segeln dieser Strom, und immer wird leben, dieses ätherische Traum.

Leicht paddeln, wie Sie in der versilberten Dunkelheit der Nacht gleiten!

Goa Zuari Fluss ist einer langen, breiten, silbrig Straße, wo der Mond ist Ihr Leitfaden und Sie der Fahrer! 

Erleben und fühlen Sie den versilberten Schweigen! 

Eine zeitlose und wertvolle Erfahrung, die Ihnen wieder, von Goa Kayaking - erstmals in dieser Saison 

Termine : Täglich beginnt am 15. November, 16, 17, 18 & 19, 2013. 

Beginnen bei:. The San Jacinto Insel im Zuari Sancoale 08.00 
Finishes an:. Die Cortalim Ferry Jetty 10.30 
Berichtszeitraum: 19.15. an der San Jacinto Insel 
Für wen: diejenigen mit einem Sinn für Abenteuer und möchte einen zeitlosen Silber Schwimmer flussaufwärts zu erleben! 
Nr. der Steckplätze: Erste 12 zu bekommen. 
Experience: Wenn Sie fit zu radeln, dann sind Sie sicherlich fit zu Kajak fahren! 
Preis: Rs.2500/person 

Details und Gruppenbuchungen, wenden Sie sich bitte, Goa Kayaking ist Prakash Alfonso auf +91 9422056037 oder Mail

Keskiviikko 23 lokakuu 2013

Goa Melo Moonlight melonta Zuari joen, tämän vuoden marraskuussa.

Moonlight joki.

Moonlight joki.

Down moonlit joki, minä purjehtia sieluni kanssa yksin.

Kimaltava vesi tansseja koko minun mela, se laulaa minulle lauluja tuntematon.

Sata hohtava kala uivat, evät taottu jalokivet ja jalokivet yötaivasta. Silver puita kummallakin puolella, niiden eteeristä lehdet kuiskaus ja luistoa. Hohtavan kierteisiä aaltoilu paikoilleen, koko minun kajakki niiden läpikuultava linjat jälkeä. Forevermore minä purjehtia tämä virta, ja yhä elävät, tämä eteerinen unelma.

Kevyesti meloa kun liukua hopeoitu yön pimeydessä!

Goa Zuari joki on yksi pitkä, leveä, hopeanhohtoinen tie, jossa kuu on opas ja kuljettaja! 

Koe ja tuntea hopeoitu hiljaisuus! 

ajaton ja arvokas kokemus, tuonut sinulle jälleen, jonka Goa melonta - ensimmäistä kertaa tällä kaudella! 

Päivämäärät : Daily alkaa 15. marraskuuta, 16, 17, 18 ja 19, 2013. 

Alkaen: San Jacinto Island Zuari Sancoale 20:00. 
Pintakäsittely klo: Cortalim lauttalaituri 22:30. 
Raportointi aika: 19:15. San Jacinto Island 
Kenelle: niille, joilla on seikkailumieltä ja haluavat kokea ajaton hopea kellua jokea! 
No lähtö: Ensimmäinen 12 saada se. 
Experience: Jos olet sovi pyöräillä, niin olet varmasti ovat kunnossa mennä melonta! 
Hinta: Rs.2500/person 

Lisätietoja ja ryhmävaraukset, soita, Goa melonta n Prakash Alfonso on +91 9422056037 tai mail

Luar de Goa Caiaque caiaque no rio Zuari, em novembro deste ano.

Quarta-feira, 23 de outubro, 2013

Luar de Goa Caiaque caiaque no rio Zuari, em novembro deste ano.

Rio luar.

Rio luar.

Descendo o rio de luar, eu navego com a minha alma em paz.

As danças de água cintilantes em toda a minha pá, ele canta para mim canções do desconhecido.

Cem cintilante peixes nadam por, suas barbatanas forjado de gemas e jóias do céu noturno. árvores de prata em ambos os lados, suas folhas etéreas sussurro e deslizar. espirais cintilando ondulação no lugar, em meu caiaque suas linhas translúcido traço.Forevermore deve navego esse fluxo, e sempre vai viver, este sonho etéreo.

Levemente remar como você desliza na escuridão prateada da noite!

De Goa Zuari rio é um longo, largo, estrada prateada onde a lua é o seu guia e você o motorista! 

experimentar e sentir o silêncio prateado! 

Uma experiência atemporal e precioso, trazido a você, novamente, por Goa Caiaque - primeira vez nesta temporada 

Datas : inicia Diário em 15 de novembro, 16, 17, 18 e 19 de 2013. 

Iniciando em:. Jacinto A Ilha San no Zuari Sancoale 08:00 
Acabamentos em:. Cortalim O Ferry Jetty 22:30 
19:15: Tempo de Reportagem. na Ilha de San Jacinto 
Para quem: aqueles com um senso de aventura e gostaria de experimentar um atemporal flutuador prata rio acima! 
Não. de slots: First 12 buscá-la. 
Experience: Se você está apto para circular, então certamente você está apto para andar de caiaque! 
Preço: Rs.2500/person 

Para mais informações e reservas de grupos, ligue, de Goa Caiaque Prakash Alfonso em 91 9422056037 ou e-mail